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What is HTML and JSX?

HTML and JSX Definition and Usage

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and JSX (JavaScript XML) both represent markup structures used to define the content and structure of web pages, but they cater to different ecosystems. HTML is the foundational language for creating web pages, and it works seamlessly with traditional web technologies such as CSS and JavaScript.
On the other hand, JSX is a syntax extension for JavaScript, primarily used in combination with React, a popular front-end library. JSX allows developers to write UI components with a syntax that closely resembles HTML, but it can also incorporate JavaScript logic directly within the markup. This integration of markup and logic in JSX delivers a more streamlined and efficient development experience for React based applications.

Tools for conversion and converting HTML to JSX

Converting HTML to JSX can be a common task for developers transitioning web content into a React environment or integrating existing web components into a React application. While the two syntaxes share many similarities, there are key differences, like the way they handle attributes, events, and self-closing tags.
A dedicated tool for HTML to JSX conversion can alleviate the manual and often tedious process of making these changes. Such a tool parses HTML code and translates it into valid JSX, considering React-specific requirements and conventions. By automating this conversion, developers can save time and reduce the risk of introducing errors into their code.

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